Tool Administrator

The Tool Administrators require experience and expertise in the systems they manage so that as new updates occur, or new functionality is required, they comply with the requirements.

The tool administrators are required to have experience in the following:

HP NNMi – Used to monitor the network. HP NNMi runs on Linux.

HP Operation Manager – Used as a correlation engine for network management syslogs/traps. HP Operation Manger runs on Solaris.

HP Operation Orchestration – Used to automate routine/repeatable tasks for routers/switches/servers. HP Operation Orchestration runs on Windows.

HP Network Automation – Used to inventory network devices, perform configuration management. HP Network Automation runs on Windows.

xMatters – Used as a notification/Alert engine for all management tools. xMatters runs on Windows. xMatters is scheduled to be replaced: tentative replacement is Derdack

Statseeker – Tool used to monitor LAN BW and interface utilization and errors. StatSeeker is an appliance

CA eHealth – Tool used to monitor WAN BW and response time. CA eHealth runs on Solaris.

Cisco Secure ISE – ACS Tool used to authenticate authorized users and perform accounting services to log onto network devices and selected applications. Cisco Secure ACS currently runs on Windows.

Netscout nGenius – Tool used to perform Traffic Monitoring & Troubleshooting. Probes deployment.

Netscout nGenius is an appliance

Sharepoint Portal – Centralized repository for all of created documentation and reports as well as status of all services. Also required to support existing custom applications and perform custom application development.

HP ArcSight – Tool used to collect syslog information.

Cisco and Riverbed UC Monitoring Solution – Currently using both Cisco Prime Assurance and Riverbed UCCX tool to help monitor and trend VoIP network

Riverbed Aternity – Workstation Monitoring/Management Platform

Cisco UA-SEG ISE – Network Access Solution currently being deployed. The administrator will be responsible for writing and maintain all policies within the ISE solution

Cisco Prime Infrastructure/APIC – Tool currently being used as part of the plug and play process for remote refresh of cisco routers/switches.

All the above are required to perform day to day upkeep of the tool to include software and hardware application deployment, configuration management, maintenance, patches, upgrades, backup, disaster recovery and integration with other network management tools.

Lancope/Stealthwatch – Tool used to collect Netflow data and report on network accounting usage. Administrators currently perform day to day upkeep of the tool to include software configuration management and integration with other network management tools. Administrator will be responsible for maintaining all security policies and working with Cyber to develop new policies as required.

Aruba Airwave Management Platform – Manage wired and wireless infrastructure from Aruba and a wide range of third-party manufacturers, and provides granular visibility into devices, users and applications on the network.

Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager – combines contextual policy management with next-generation AAA, BYOD and device assessment services to provide all the robust security of a wired network in a wireless environment.

Bomgar: Support tool used by ESD (Enterprise Service Desk) for remote desktop access and collaboration software.