Data Warehousing SME

Data Warehouse SME works closely with Government Task Monitor and Agency Program Manager aligning efforts of internal customers across the EPMO to format, design and develop reports. SME works with data quality managers to identify and resolve data issues through configuration of data cleansing and de-duplication software. He supports Agency engineers in managing database aspects of reporting and analytics platforms. Data Warehouse SME ensures that reporting jobs are successfully run, and analytics data aligns to timeliness/completeness requirements and works with database administrators to ensure that the data warehouse is tuned for optimal performance. SME works with business analysts and project managers to develop and refine reporting and analytics requirements.

Active IRS MBI clearance is a plus.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Primarily responsible for applying strategic alignment efforts by ensuring that the physical designs for the data warehouse and its data structures align with EPMO or Agency group IT strategies, architecture frameworks and logical data models
  • Developing data documentation by ensuring that data flows configured internally within the data warehouse are reflected as-built documentation (data lineage diagrams) where new marts should have documentation available immediately on production release and have documentation available after production release
  • Fostering communication by ensuring that all data warehouse issues are communicated across the data management team immediately after the issue occurs and developing pipeline to ensure Agency Senior Leaders are aware
  • Delivering operations by identifying causes of data warehouse job failures and achieving resolution
  • Assist the project team in driving deliverables to completion
  • Design and implement an efficient and adaptable data model to support data exploration, data science and analytics, resulting in insights to inform key business decisions.
  • Actively participates in process improvement initiatives and in setting best practice standards around Data Architecture, Metadata, Governance, Master Data Management, and Data Quality flows.
  • Provides expertise in the creation and refinement of agile technical stories for data architecture and development

Required Skills:

  • Active IRS MBI clearance is a plus.
  • Experienced professional with experience providing end-to-end data warehousing architecture, from tools to middleware to data quality to orchestration software
  • Data warehouse design and implementation experience
  • Deep understanding of Azure platform
  • An understanding of client/server, Web-based, and server-side computing architectures
  • A firm understanding of database optimization concepts for tuning data access queries
  • Skills in digging through data sources, then being able to communicate that extracted information
  • Strong communication (written and oral), leadership and advisory skills
  • Ability to analyze data sources
  • Systems and application development knowledge


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Data Warehouse SME
  • Experience in Data Warehouse construction and concepts including Data Vault 2.0 and the use of database design patterns such as Star and Snowflake Schemas
  • Experience with database design, database refactoring and database tuning
  • Experience in Relational Databases, Vertica, Tableau, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services
  • Experience in Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, Visio, etc.
  • Knowledge of Dimensional Model and MDM