Master Data Manager

The Master Data Manager ensures that critical enterprise data is validated as correct, consistent, and complete when it is circulated for consumption by internal or external strategic stakeholders. He is responsible for overall implementation of Master Data Management (MDM) into an enterprise while also setting up the infrastructure and connection to other enterprise information systems. The Master Data Manager ensures performance of data-related components including the security of data and the availability of databases. He manages and maintains the IT environment for MDM and its operations management tools including system administration, networking, and backup. Uses specifications that are created by architects to build the MDM system.

Active IRS MBI clearance is a plus.

The Master Data Manager manages information quality for one or more subject areas of the Business. Resolves data issues for such things as company names and addresses by validating values against third-party sources. Resolves identity resolution issues such as deduplication. The Master Data Manager maintains hierarchies and develops business rules and investigates data questions and analyzes the data to identify trends and to improve business processes. He coordinates access authorization and planning for the subject area data. Capable of managing a team of basic and advanced Data Stewards to ensure that quality goals are met for the organization. Reviews data quality reports and develops standard operating procedures for teams. Develops business rules and performs data stewardship tasks. Steers master data management initiatives at the program level.

The Master Data Manager provides the analysis to enable the business integration of the MDM application into the enterprise. Understands customer and business needs and identifies areas where business processes can be optimized. The Master Data Manager uses the content of enterprise information to achieve business goals and performs development tasks to integrate MDM into the enterprise.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Primarily responsible for executing changes to SAP master data (e.g. customer, vendor, material, etc.)
  • Coordinating material and finish products
  • Master data setup, validations, and periodic maintenance
  • Performing regular business-related activities through system monitoring and user management
  • Participating in projects and initiatives across multiple functional areas and regions
  • Working with business units and process experts to resolve master data issues
  • Ensuring data quality, compliance and consistency of master data across business systems
  • Supporting the business with required procedures and submitting incidents and change requests when needed
  • Assisting business process experts in defining standard operating procedures, process flows and related documentation
  • Providing actionable insight to leadership to help customer to view MDM in larger landscape; performing analysis and design of data governance process and exploring best in class knowledge of other products in the MDM and Information management space.

Required Skills:

  • Active IRS MBI clearance is a plus.
  • Ensure master data integrity in key systems as well as maintaining the processes to the data quality. Identify areas for data quality improvements and help to resolve data quality problems through the appropriate choice of error detection and correction, process control and improvement, or process design strategies.
  • Ensures quality of master data in key systems, as well as development and documentation of processes with other functional data owners to support ongoing maintenance and data integrity.
  • Strong Microsoft Office suite skills
  • Specific knowledge around SAP LSMW, Workflow or Authorizations is a plus
  • Good personal computer and business solutions software skills.
  • Good communication skills to communicate with customers, team members, external data providers, and management.
  • Good skills in data administration, design, and architecture.
  • Analytically minded and methodical problem solver.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong written and communication skills in English language


  • Bachelor’s degree in information science, data management, computer science or related field preferred.
  • Minimum 4 years of experience as a Master Data Manager.
  • Experience working with industry standards, regulations, and guidelines in database warehousing and other relevant systems.
  • Experience working with company hardware and software products to make sound financial recommendations.
  • Experience working with information security practices and available security software packages.
  • Experience working with domain structures, user authentication, and digital signatures.
  • Experience working with relational databases.