Cyber Security

Our cyber security solutions protect and guard critical systems and environments against threats. We protect data, monitor activities, and investigate events in real time. We ensure compliance with regulations such as NIST, FISMA, DoD Information Assurance Standards, and Risk Management Frameworks.

eTelligent’s cyber security services span program security engineering, testing, risk management, defect resolutions, compliance, and change request support. We integrate cyber security into our development processes to continuously identify, manage, and address security risks and vulnerabilities. We implement industry leading COTS products (such as Sailpoint, Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM), Okta, and CA Identity) to deliver a scalable ID Management strategy across diverse IT platforms. We implement scalable solutions that prioritize identity management  for commercial and Federal customers.

Our cyber security capabilities include policy and compliance, monitoring, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, identity and access management, risk management frameworks, and threat monitoring.

Our team of talented Cyber Security practitioners provides strategic solutions for organizations to securely migrate their On-Prem IT systems and applications to the Cloud. Our services are tailored to the requirements of our customers’ organizations while we maintain the integrity of the systems and applications within each environment. We take the current architecture and determine the feasibility of moving to the Cloud through a Proof of Concept. Once approved, we develop the migration plan within the approved timeline and budget. 

The Proof of Concept is developed in a stand-alone lab environment. By establishing our stand alone Amazon Web Services (AWS)  lab environment, we can build and test capabilities without hindering the current client testing. We are also able to provide a strong research and development environment that may not be available within the organization. This process increases flexibility while encouraging a speedy response to possible capabilities. 

We work to answer the question surrounding what is possible. Our team works in a fluid development state to continually meet the needs of our clients. We answer this question by surpassing theory and providing a tangible application that is visual to our clients in a more timely fashion.

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