Steven H. FiteSenior Executive

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Transformation
  • Delivery Excellence
  • Growth Strategy
  • Budget Management
  • Tax Administration

Steven provides technical and strategic guidance on new business opportunities. He grows existing work and positions the company to provide world class support to customers through incorporation of industry practices.

Steven is an accomplished technical, tax, and business leader with over 40 years of experience, which includes 35 years leading business and IT organizations at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and 8 years of leading strategic growth and development at InSysCo, an IRS contractor. His diverse career experience includes leadership of large organizations in strategic planning, policy, and operations. As a leader in the IRS Modernization and IT Services (MITS) organization, he led the realignment of the IRS IT business rules and requirements groups to better support the development of major IRS IT projects. He led IT program governance for Small Business/Self Employed (SB/SE) Division, overseeing a portfolio of project investments costing over $100 million. His strategies and efforts led to the growth of InSysCo from $12M to over $90M a year. His thought leadership led to the creation of white papers, prototypes, and projects providing the IRS with solutions and alternatives to meet mission critical objectives for system modernization. Steven architected solutions to IRS challenges mitigating upstream or downstream issues to ensure uninterrupted consistent tax processing.

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