eTelligent team helps its customers achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency by streamlining IT initiatives and aligning their investments in information technology with the long term strategies and objectives of the organization.

eTelligent team’s IT Governance framework is used to identify, establish and link the mechanisms to oversee the use of information and related technology to create value and manage the risks associated with using information and technology.

Our team makes use of industry proven methodologies and frameworks to help our customers accomplish high utilization of their IT portfolios across disparate departments. We develop a highly customized and repeatable model for our customers to measure their progress towards reaching their goals.


eTelligent Group has been working with several government agencies in their modernization efforts over the past few years. We help our customers define their IT Modernization Strategies by focusing on these key areas:

  • Consolidate Infrastructure
  • Streamline Processes
  • Reduce Costs
  • Develop Agile and Responsive IT capabilities to support the dynamic and ever changing business needs

  • We help our customers in their IT modernization efforts by leveraging modern day technologies and frameworks such as SOA, web services, Agile, and smart integration with legacy mainframe systems.


    Our Infrastructure Modernization and System Transformation professionals will provide customized solutions to help your organization achieve maximum value at the lowest possible cost.