Program Management

Effective program management ensures that projects are executed to meet the stakeholder requirements and expectations. We use streamlined, effective processes, tools, and management practices to align, engage, and administer teams of resources to meet objectives and goals. We offer our solidified methodology and project management frameworks that incorporate industry best practices for improving the development, deployment, and maintenance, and management of products and services.

eTelligent employs effective industry standards and heavily invests in the adoption of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) vendor best practices, certifications, and training to ensure that we deliver optimal results. We hold Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications.

webMethods Project Delivery Center – Our wPDC provides our clients with complete lifecycle support through a webMethods COTS implementation that ensures high performance and quality deliverables through an integrated and cost-effective delivery center. Our flexible delivery model includes onsite delivery, offsite/offshore delivery, or a blended onsite/offsite/offshore delivery (suitable for larger integration projects). eTelligent provides successful webMethods projects from inception to production while minimizing costs, providing coaching and mentoring, and performing knowledge transfer to enable self-sufficiency for our clients.

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