eTel Awarded IRS Identity and Access Management Contract

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June 24, 2022

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June 24, 2022 – Leesburg, VA – eTelligent Group was selected to support the enterprise Authentication, Authorization & Access (eA3) program at the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). This program is responsible for the identify proofing services that authenticate and authorize Taxpayers and other groups that access the IRS network. eTelligent will lead and support the IRS Strategic Objectives of the program that will enhance Taxpayer experience with a cadre of specialists who are committed to providing technology strategy, planning, innovation and program management support for the IRS Application Development (AD), Identity Access Management (IAM) program. eTelligent will be supporting eA3 enhancements that include changes to the tools/products that provide authentication, authorization, secure access, and the collection and storage and retrieval of electronic signatures.

“This is a great opportunity to lead and support new initiatives for the IRS eA3 program over the next 2 years. This undertaking will enhance the overall experience for over 100 million Taxpayers and other entities who need to contact the IRS online,” said Rohit Aggarwal, eTelligent’s Managing Partner. “We are proud to support both existing and new initiatives to innovate and improve prevention and detection measures to support the IRS mission.”

The eA3 program protects the IRS enterprise including Taxpayer data from cyber-attacks and fraud by identity proofing and authenticating online users and performing data and fraud analytics. The program is working to improve the security posture for over 100 IRS applications based on new security standards while reducing the overall IT IAM footprint.


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