New Program Announcement: Data-at-Rest Encryption (DARE) Program

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October 2, 2023

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September 22, 2023 – Leesburg, VA – eTel is proud to announce their award for the IRS Information Technology Data-at-Rest Encryption (DARE) Program. As a part of this program, the eTel team will help identify effective defense strategy to prevent malicious or unintended access, disclosure of sensitive data, and comply with IRS and other federal directives and guidance.

eTel will also be responsible for the overall DARE Program management and implementation of encryption and integration of KMS to all IRS Enterprise-wide Tier 2 Application systems’ Data-at-Rest.

We are excited to support this program that will reduce the risk of data exposure to better serve US citizens. This new work will ensure future-state capabilities and services are in place to address the critical priorities and programs within the IRS to ultimately strengthen their ability to respond to cyber threats.


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